Setup: Webintellects email account

Setting up a Webintellects email account




Section 1


1) Goto the address of (Replace "" with your

actual website and leave the ":8443")

2) Type in your client user name

3) Type in the password that goes with your client user name.

4) Click on the "Login" button.



Section 2


1) Click the "Home" link on the left side of the screen.


Section 3


1) Click your websites name towards the bottom middle of the screen.


Section 4


1) Click on the "Mail" icon


Section 5


1) Click on the "Add New Mail Account" icon


Section 6


1) Type in the user name of the new email account you are creating.


2) Type the same passeword into both boxes for the email address you are creating.


A) OPTIONAL: Click the "Enter size ___ kilobytes" option, and type in the number of kilobytes you

want the email account limited to for total storage.

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