Google As Backup Mail Service

This guide is written to assist users in setting up a backup mail delivery system in the event that our systems become inundated or unable to deliver mail. It is recommended that these steps be done before mail issues occur in order to have proper backup systems verified and in place. Please note that if you have any issues with Google Mail itself you will need to contact Google for support since we cannot provide assistance with Google Mail.

1) To get started, click on this link:

2) On that page, use 'I want to use an existing domain name' and enter your domain name in the field below. Make sure 'Administrator' is selected and click Get Started.

3) On the next page, fill out your organization's details and click next.

4) On the next page you will fill out administrator information. This will set up the first and master e-mail account. On the free plan you are limited to 50 e-mail addresses.

5) Once that is done you will need to validate the domain name using either of Google's steps, but the CNAME record is the easiest. This guide assumes that you are using our nameservers, which are and If you are unsure of what your nameservers are, go to and put your domain name in. If it pulls up the nameservers from before, then you are fine. If it pulls up someone else's nameservers, you will need to contact them for help with the following steps.

6) Log into your client area at and go to your DNS Manager. Once you log in there, click on the pencil icon to the right of the domain name to make changes to it. This will add 3 blank records. In the Host Name field, put the unique string that Google gave you, followed by a dot and your domain name. The type should be set to CNAME. In the TTL field put 3600. The priority field is left blank. In the Content field put Once that's done click save and wait a few hours for the changes to propagate out. Once it's propagated, check with Google to ensure the domain has passed validation. If it has, all that's left to do is to add the MX records to DNS.

7) Go back to your DNS Manager and click the pencil icon twice to add 6 blank records. Add in the following records, with the Content being your domain name, the type as MX, and the TTL for each set to 3600. The number following each record is the Priority, and should be set as-is. DO NOT overwrite the existing MX record(s) unless you are moving away from us for mail service entirely.


8) Now all you need to do is use the Google Mail interface to add all your mail accounts. Note that if you add or delete any mail accounts within your control panel with us, the same changes will have to be made at Google as well.

9) In the event of a mail failure at our systems, mail will automatically be delivered to Google provided that all steps have been followed and mail accounts set up there. You will need to log into Google Mail to check your mail.

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