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Outlook Express Setup


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Section 1


1) Click Tools from the menu bar.

Section 2


1) Select Accounts from the menu.

Section 3


1) Click the Add button.

2) Select Mail from the menu.

Section 4


1) Type your name into the field.

2) Click the Next button.

Section 5


1) Type the full email address that you have with Webintellects.

2) Click the Next button.

Section 6


1) Select either POP3 or IMAP only.

2) Type the incoming server address in the format of pop.your_domain_name

3) Type the outgoing server address in the format of mail.your_domain_name

4) Click Next.

Section 7


1) Type the full email address that you have with Webintellects.

(Be careful, the email address is Case Sensitive! Make sure to enter it as you

created it when you set up the email account at Webintellects)

2) Type the password that goes with the email address in step 1.

3) Click the Next button.

Section 8


1) Click the Finish button.

Section 9


1) Click the Properties button.

Section 10


1) Click the Servers tab.

Section 11


1) Click the My server requires authentication checkbox.


2) Click the Ok button.


3) Use email.


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